Monday, June 5, 2017

New Maps of the Majestic Wilderlands

So I been running a Thursday night game using my Majestic Wilderlands rules. The group is currently based in Viridistan, the largest city in my campaign.

They are stomping around the region, which prompted me to make a regional map. Note that it is the most densely populated areas of the Wilderlands hence the extensive amount of cropland. Which is marked as a textured yellow brown fill.

Each small hex is 2.5 miles or 1 league, the distance a person can walk in an hour.
Each large hex is 5 leagues. For comparison a ship with sails can travel 12 of the large hexes in 24 hours or 2 per four hours.

The larger view

The Legend Key

Enjoy today's map fix.


Darnizhaan said...

Good to see people using the wilderlands. My players are outside if Tegel.

Scott Anderson said...

they are great, and it's the first time I have considered a "league" as a hex size. I have been using 6 mile hexes because it's easy to estimate distances. Also a horse can do 4 a day and a people can do 2 a day.

but the hour-walk hex, that's interesting and a little faster than my hexes.

Hey how did you make these maps?

Rob Conley said...

@Scott Anderson, I use CorelDraw and a bunch of textures and fills I assembled over the years.

Rob Conley said...

@Scott Anderson, Inkscape will do the job as well and it is free to download as an open source software. I keep up with it as a backup in case Corel does something stupid.

Scott Anderson said...

Thank you Rob. I love your work. Your website looks nicer than it did a few months ago. It's nice to see you continually working your craft and then showing us lesser mortals how you do it.

Chris C. said...

Nice maps!