Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Staff of Absorption for the Majestic Wilderlands/Realms

For my lunch hour at work, I pull up my laptop and work a little bit on my roleplaying game based on a combination of my Majestic Wilderlands rules and Swords and Wizardry. The idea is that is the sum of how Swords and Wizardry worked in my campaign since 2009.

One difference is how the Staff of Absorption works.

In Scourge of the Demon Wolf and Blackmarsh I introduced the idea of Viz. Magic concentrated in a physical form. Here are the rules for Viz. Note that 1d = 1 sp or 1 gp depending on how expensive you want magic to be in terms of your setting's coinage. I use 1d = 1 sp for my campaign.

Viz is a magical substance that takes many forms.  It could be a flask of pure spring water, a newly bloomed flower, or an iridescent rock.  What all these items have in common is they are infused with pure magic.  Viz can be used in the casting of spells or the creation of magic items.

Viz allows a magic user to cast spells without losing it from memory.  The viz is consumed in the process.  One viz for a first level spell, two viz for a second level spell, three for a 3rd level spell and so on.  One viz is worth 100d towards the creation of a magic item.  The referee can use viz as treasure usable towards the creation of a magic item in place of giving out more gold pieces.

The staff still absorbs spells but instead of charging up spell levels that you can use later to cast memorized spells it now turns the absorbed spell into viz. Like the original the staff will only absorb up to a 100 spell level. Once you use all the viz that it created it become inert.
Staff of Absorption
Duration: See below
Effect: This staff absorbs up to 100 levels of spells directed at the holder before its ceases absorption permanently. Each spell level absorbed creates 1 viz stored in the staff. The viz can be drawn from the staff and used normally. The wielder can expend a number of viz equal to the level of a memorized spell to cast it without losing it from memory. In addition the wielder can use 1 viz in place of 100d worth of ritual or spell components. A fully charged Staff of Absorption will allow the wielder to create a magic item costing 10,000d. This doesn’t affect creation time which is still at 100d per day per enchanter.
Creation: 8,000d; Sale: 16,000d.
The creation costs and sales cost work with my rules for creating magic items.

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