Thursday, August 7, 2014

Explaining 5e mechanics in as few words as possible

  • In 5th edition, your attributes give a bonus. 
  • When you try something you roll a d20 equal to or higher than a target number. 
  • If it is combat the target number is armor class. 
  • If you are in advantageous situation you get to roll twice and take the highest roll. 
  • If you are at a disadvantage you roll twice and take the lowest. 
  • If you are proficient in a weapon, tool, or skill you get to add a bonus based on your level. 
  • Hit points are considered a measure of fatigue as well as injury and every character can "take a knee" for an hour and regain a small amount of hit points. 
  • The ability to "take a knee" erodes unless you have extended downtime. 
  • As you level you have the option of increasing your ability scores or taking a feat. 
  • Saving throws are based on the six attributes and rolled using a 1d20 equal to or greater than a target number. 
  • Initiative is a d20. 
  • Combat rounds are six seconds, and consist of a move and a action. 
  • If you roll a nat 20 you double the dice of damage rolled (not the bonuses). 
  • If you rolled a nat 1 you missed.
  • Spell casting has slots that you use up during the day and are only reset after a 8 hour rest.
  • You don't memorize specific spells for specific slots. Instead you prepare a limited list of spells that you can cast from during the day.
  • Many spells are designed to be cast through higher level spell for greater effect. For example there is only one cure spell which heals for greater amounts when cast through a higher level slot.
  • The rest are class details which are as about as complex and detailed as ADnD 1st sub classes like the Druid, Monk, or Ranger.
  • To hit bonuses and Armor class have a limited range and are scaled on a absolute scale rather than by challenge level. This is called bounded accuracy.
  • Higher level creatures and character are tougher because they have more hit points, do more damage, in more ways, and have more chances of attacking. 


Scott Anderson said...

It's good but you forgot to insult or defend Pundit and Zak.

instantapathy said...

But why does it have to be one or the other? I'm sure there's enough to do both.

Dan said...

Nice summary. I hope to pick this up in a week or so, once payday hits.