Friday, August 15, 2014

Dwimmermount is released!

Well it been a journey but thanks to the hardworking folks at Autarch, the Dwimmerount megadungeon is finally released for Labyrinth Lord. The ACKS version is being worked on and will be released later this year.

A couple of notes.

  • I drew some of the overland maps, and the map of Muntberg
  • The overload map was inspired by the map for Outdoor Survival by Avalon Hill
  • The wilderness map dovetails with Blackmarsh to the north. Forming an alternative "Southland" for those with Blackmarsh
  • Muntberg is based on Rhuddlan Castle in Wales
  • This is because the original Muntberg used by James was the Keep on the Borderlands. And the Keep was based on a real world castle. So I figured what good for Gygax is good for Dwimmermount.
  • The text and maps of Dwimmermount are all open content. So those who have a better way of presenting the place or problems with specific can share their fixes. 
My only major criticism of Autarch's work is that when they split the maps for the map booklet they didn't overlap them by 5% or so. They tried for a perfect splits which doesn't work in practice. This is the same flaw the afflicts the maps for The Castle of the Mad Archmage. In both there is plenty of white space on the outer edge to allow room for extra overlap.

Dwimmermount Maps
Dwimmermount Illustrations


DacholaEtecoon said...

Will the open content be released separately at some point?

Adrian said...

I really thought i recognized the wilderness map.
Also map of mintberg was well done.

Adrian said...
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