Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three City Books for your campaigns

City-State of the Invincible Overlord 
Necromancer Version 
Revised Version 
Original Version 

 The granddaddy of all RPG cities and holds up well over the decades.

Cities of Harn 
Proof that a complete cities can be done in a dozen pages or less.
The newer versions are longer but are still have the smallest page count of any city supplement out there. 

Cities by Midkemia Press
The best random encounter table ever written for city adventures. Also has a nifty Catchup table for what your characters does between adventures and a random settlement generator.


Hedgehobbit said...

Midkemia's Cities was releases as Runequest Cities. That version might be easier to find.

Rob Conley said...

Midkemia Cities is available as a PDF at the link I posted.

Nicolas "Ungoliant" Senac said...

And Vornheim ?

Andy Bartlett said...

A new version of Blacksand is about to be released.

I agree with you on (Runequest) Cities - loads of little bits and pieces on making living in a fantasy city a game - employment, entertainment, random events and festivals, dying rolling on the catch-up tables.

Carse, on the other hand, is a lesson in how to take the principles of Runequest Cities, de-randomise it, and churn out something quite... dull.

Peter V. Dell'Orto said...

Which version of the City-State do you recommend? It's not like I'm going to buy all three, but the 1976 version is tempting. If the revised version is all-that-and-more, though . . . maybe I'd get that.

Rob Conley said...

@Peter I would get the revised version.

Darnizhaan said...

also citybook by flying buffalo