Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Final edit of the Basic Rules Majestic Fantasy RPG

Thanks to the editing help given by Vance Atkins, the final version of the basic rules for the Majestic Fantasy RPG is done!. You can download it from here. If you purchased the Majestic Wilderlands PDF, you will find that this file has been added to the download on RPGNow.

This is my previous post which contains my design notes on why I am doing this. In a nutshell, I am planning to release my take on the classic editions as series of supplements instead of an all in one book. However in the process of setting this up I realized I will need some type of basic summary so people can understand how it fits with the overall system.

So enjoy and hope you find something useful.


Lee B said...

Easy to read basic rules for players; I liked the twists on the fantasy races. Personally I wouldn't switch out scrolls for rituals (unless they defined a school or sub-class). Lastly, is the broadsword description supposed to say "cuneiform hilt"? I've heard of "cruciform" as an adjective.

Rob Conley said...

Rituals are the foundation of other types of magic using classes. Basically this is the start of a 2nd edition Majestic Wilderlands supplement.

Cruciform is defined as

1.having the shape of a cross. "a cruciform sword"
1. a thing shaped like a cross.

But yeah it is bit obscure.