Saturday, May 25, 2013

Alia Juliet Rose, a Swords and Wizardry NPC.

Kelly Anne, my wife, drew this for the Saturday get together.

Swords & Wizardry/Majestic Wilderlands

AC 1[18]; 8th level Burglar; HP 17; HTB +2; Atk 1 Dmg 1d6; Move 120'; Save 8;
ABL Climbing +5, Eavesdropping +3, Legerdemain +8, Perception +2, Stealth +8;
Posses:  Leather [+1], Shortsword (1d6)  Dagger (1d4) (15 ft), Shortbow (1d6), 20 arrows, Broom of Flying, Portable Hole, In Portable Hole [One Petrified Orc, A iron door], five throwable Hairsticks (1d3), one throwable hairstick inscribed with a Fireball Rune*, Two Arrows with Lightning Bolt runes on arrow head*

*In the Majestic Wilderlands, Runes are created the same way as scrolls and work the same. They can be inscribed on any surface. When inscribed on a weapon the rune will activate where the weapon hits.**

**Runes have the range of the original spell but only when a Runecaster activates it. For everybody else activating a rune makes it takes immediate effect centered on the rune. The use on hairsticks and arrows allow the user to activate it from far away.


Welleran said...

That's quite good!

Anonymous said...


The correct term is 'I'm in Acquisitions...'

Wish I could draw like that, I'm still trying to get stick figures down.

Phersv said...

Very nice !

Do the hairsticks have d20? :)

Kelly Anne said...

Phersv, of course they do. ;)