Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A cool map

One of the sections of Columbia Game's release of the City of Cherafir is a description of the city's Alienage Quarter where foreigners and ships are allowed to freely enter and trade. What made this quarter unique in the product was every building was described.

In the most recent release of the City of Cherafir it is obvious that the maps of the Alienage was cropped from a much larger map. I found the previous releases of Cherafir Alienage very useful over the years as a template for my own cities.

Now Columbia Games has released a combined map of the Alienage for free! While it doesn't have any descriptions it would be useful in a campaign as a reference or a fleshed out addon to an existing city.


Dwayne Gillingham said...

Hey Tim, if you can, work is kinda nuts here, make up about 5 1st level or 75 point characters. Do not care what system. Ask Rob to do the same so there is some choice for every one. The basic jist is Border Barony (viking raiders) has a problem the King is sending in the players to solve it. Being it is out on the border no need to send anyone important just some one to quite him down.

Anonymous said...

I was searching one night for a campaign that was set to emulate a real medieval setting. I found a website that had a setting for Harn, but it was for a real world year. I thought it was 1199 or 1099 or something like that. I remember that it had the occupations for that year listed, as well as the skills for those occupations. It was very well done. However, I cannot seem to find it and I'm sure I have the year wrong. Didn't know if it would ring a bell for you or not.