Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Making Christmas Gifts out of Hirst Arts molds

Most of my hobby time right now is spent writing up the English Civil War hexcrawl for James Raggi Lamentation of the Flame Princess. But with the holidays coming up I decided to put my Hirst Arts mold to good use. Especially after seeing what Dwayne of Gamers Closet did with his molds.

My sister lives in the US Southwest in the desert and I decided it would be cool to make her a little furnished adobe hut.

 The roof is a removable lid

And you can see the stuff inside much of it from a new mold that Hirst Arts had released.

A picture shot through the door.

Another door shot

A picture through the window.

Prior to building this I download the fireplace plans from Hirst Arts and built it. Took an afternoon to make and paint.

Now with the Christmas shopping and gift making complete it is back to writing out about Cavaliers and Roundheads.


Anonymous said...

Well done!

Tim Shorts said...

Looks fantastic Rob.

Dwayne Gillingham said...

Rob really looks good. I think you could make a whole village come to life with a few of these.

Mystic Scholar said...

Now that's a Christmas gift I'd appreciate!

Doh! You don't have my address!


Zachary Houghton said...

Love this, Rob.