Monday, September 17, 2012

Exploring Medieval Birmingham

Here is a pair of articles showing a detailed model of medieval Birmingham

Article 1
Article 2


GameDaddy said...

I can clearly see the two circles from the original clan settlements in the model. On one, the church sits, it actually looks like it's resting on a circular stone formation, a former Druidic site, perhaps?

The second, the house of William De Birmingham. This look likes it rests at the heart of the original settlement in the original clan circle. My impression was that the neolithic early settlements with circular earthen fortified ramparts (sometimes topped with wooden palisades) that were built just inside inside where the moat is now visible, but the model contains no such rampart.

Any specific reason you know of, that the ramparts have been removed ca. 1296?

Here in America, two thousand years ago the native Adena culture built in exactly the same manner. An ancient ruin about 10 Km from where I live still features the circular rampart. It's about 1m high now, about half the size it was when it was built some 2,200 years ago. We get plenty of rain here with a decent amount of erosion, so the clan circle ramparts in Birmingham must have been excavated at some time before 1296?

DaveL said...

I was curious about the scale of the model, it looks to be somewhere between 1/120th and maybe 1/220th (or somewhere between "N" and "Z" scale in the model railroading world)
Nice model, nice photos, could be useful for a quick game setting.