Monday, March 28, 2011

Sometimes the Crystal Ball isn't so cloudy

When commenting on technology for gaming I said that flexible LCD computers would make a major impact on gaming. The basic idea is that the computer is a flexible LCD Screen that you unroll and plug it into a bar that has your computer, has all your USB style ports and power connections. Then you can interact with the surface via touch. Or on the high end via coded physical pieces that the surface senses.

Well it turns out that something took that idea and thought about how it would actually work. You can read the article and watch the video here. Admittedly it is still a bit of a pie in the sky but it nice to see others thinking along the same lines.


Stuart said...

Doesn't the iPad already do the tabletop game relevant portions of this?

Rob Conley said...

As far as general utility it does but what remains is board substitute. I.e. the screen acts like the surface of a gameboard.

Stuart said... :)

Canned Man said...

Nifty! I’d love to have one; it seems like a perfect tool for students. The only thing I can imagine will be a bit awkward to start with, is getting used to touch keys.
And I have of course blogged it with a link back to you.