Friday, March 18, 2011

Legends of Pakesnarrion

One the things that I liked about Elisabeth Moon's Deed of Paksenarrion is the various legends and folklore she eludes to in her story. Since the focus of the book on is on Paksenarrion, we only get a few details of what the stories are about.

One, Gird, got a full treatment in Surrender None and Lair's Oath. Today in her blog, the author graciously gives a overview of another legend, Torres Necklace. It pretty good and I recommend reading it for inspiration.


Anonymous said...

That is good to hear. "Legends of Parkesharrion" is next up on my fantasy reading list after I finish some Black Company books.

The Bane said...

I liked the whole Pakesnarrion series. I just bought Wilderlands yesterday and think I see a lot of inspiration from the series in the setting, which I mentioned in my unfinished review on my blog. Is this just a coincidence?


Rob Conley said...

My idea of paladins is inspired by Paksenarrion. She deals a lot with how people relate to institutions and places. I always done that myself and one the reasons I like here Paksenarrion books so much.

Jeffrey said...
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