Monday, June 25, 2018

Recommendations for the original Wilderlands of High Fantasy

On a forum I was asked for a list of what original Judges Guild supplements were useful for a Wilderlands campaign. So I made a list along with my recommendations.  I may have missed one or two.

You can read the details on each of these at the Acaeum's excellent reference site.

The City States
City State of the Invincible Overlord
City State of the World Emperor (includes Map 6)

The Wilderlands of High Fantasy
Wilderlands of High Fantasy
Map 6 is found in CSWE
Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde
Wilderlands of the Magic Realm
Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches

The Wilderness Series
Mines of Custalcon
Spies of Lightelf
Pirates of Hagrost
Shield Maidens of Sea Rune
Witches Court Marshes

Book of Treasure Maps
Book of Treasure Maps II
Book of Treasure Maps III
Lost Man's Trail
Prey of Darkness
Tegel Manor

City State Adventures
Glory Hole Dwarven Mine
Wraith Overlord: Terror Beneath the City State

City State Warfare
Fantastic Personalities
Sea Steeds & Wave Riders
Wondrous Weapons
Ready Ref Sheets

Pegasus Magazine
Each had a Wilderlands supplement/adventure

Some issues had Wilderlands info.

For a novice looking at the originals my recommendation is to get them in the following order:

  • CSIO
  • Wilderlands of High Fantasy
  • Ready Ref Sheets
  • Book of Treasure Maps
  • Mines of Custalon
  • Tegal Manor
  • Glory Hole Dwarven Mine

If you find them useful and fun then get the rest of the Wilderlands Maps, and whatever else interests you.
The hardest and most expensive to find will be the City State of the World Emperor which has Map Six CSWE,. Luckily my revised Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde will be out in a few weeks and will Map Six in it.


Baron Greystone said...

Badabaskor? Dark Tower? Thracia?

GameDaddy said...

Dark Tower and Thracia were AD&D modules. As far as I know they were not set in the Wilderlands. I'd totally add Badabaskor to Rob's list though

Baron Greystone said...

Dark Tower is set in the Wilderlands. Thracia is not for AD&D, it's for D&D.

Robert Conley said...

I only included the products where the Wilderlands were explicitly mentioned. Badabaskor, Dark Tower, Citadel of Fire and others are great choices but don't mention the Wilderlands. However some of them like Badabaskor now have official locations in the Wilderlands in recent re-releases. For example Badabaskor is located at Map 2 Hex 2906

Baron Greystone said...

I don't follow re-releases, and of course you can list what you want. But both Dark Tower and Badabaskor mention Wilderlands. A brief scan reveals that Dark Tower has a caravan in the village that is noted as headed towards the City State of the Invincible Overlord, and they are staying at the Overlord's Inn. Badabaskor's historical background uses the CSIO calendar, listing a date of 2611 BCCC, and there is a dungeon room that mentions Altanian princesses. Again, just a brief scan, it's not that important. Thracia doesn't have any explicit Wilderlands references as I recall, but we used it there from when it was first released, and I can't imagine adventuring in the Wilderlands without it. Since your post said "what original Judges Guild supplements were useful for a Wilderlands campaign," I thought nothing of suggesting it. But again, I don't argue that your recommendations are your own.

GameDaddy said...

Looks like I'll be adding Dark Tower to my collection then shortly as I have everything else.

Robert Conley said...

The map on page 6 of Dark Tower doesn't correspond to any known location on the Wilderlands map. As for the Overlord's Inn and the Caravan it is a throwaway line.

This caravan carries spices and rich cloth for merchants of the Invincible Overlord (or any major city in the gamemaster's campaign).

As for Badabaskor, the 5 mile map doesn't correspond to any location within the Wilderlands.

Not to say either can't be made to fit easily it clearly an afterthought in Dark Tower. As for Badabaskor it is unclear where it was originally set at. It could have been a Middle Earth adventure that was adapted. But because the Altainian princess was mentioned on level five, I choose a hex on Map 2.

Compared to Prey of Darkness which is explicitly set in the Elephand Lands centered around Hex 4417. Or Tegel Manor which has an explicit location on Map one.

GameDaddy said...

Yes there is no specific location for Badabaskor, listed in any printing of the module, however Emperor Brastagoth (who is from the Wilderlands) is mentioned as finding a lone mountain so situated that it surveyed the land for many leagues around.

Brastagoth was an Emperor of Kelnore, which is now known mostly as Tarantis, and the Glow Worm Steppes. By your own hand you mentioned the Orichalan Dragon Lords occupied the ruins of Badabaskor for a time. The only mountain that is alone situated so that is surveys the lands for many miles around that is anywhere near Tarantis is in hex 2610 in the Valley of the Ancients, in the traditional home territory of the Orichalan Dragon Lords.

bombasticus said...

Love it. The "Complete Listing of all City State Adventures" in CSWE Book 3 is often ignored but for what it's worth JG staff at the time included Badabaskor and Citadel of Fire as well as Druids of Doom and the Portals books (why not, I guess). First Fantasy Campaign of course also counts, being set in the far north.

Simon said...

The JG adventures I've found most useful were not explicitly set in the Wilderlands - I set The Ilhiedrin Book on the western plains SW of Swarthlad Plain, and Caverns of Thracia in the Ghinarian Hills of Altanis. I think these were useful because they are relatively low level and so can be placed at start of campaign; I have never got to use the high level adventures like Badadbaskor, Citadel of Fire, or Dark Tower. :)

Unknown said...

I just discovered the Wilderlands a week ago, excited to finally find a setting that I like! I'm trying to locate and read the materials as efficiently as possible, which is some challenge, so thanks for the list. And, thanks for carrying the torch! You mentioned that you have another supplement coming anytime now? Can I assume that you will announce here and link it to someplace like Drivethru RPG?