Thursday, May 23, 2013

What coming to me in the Fall; Dwarven Forge

So I got confirmation of my order from the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter. So here what coming to me in the fall.

First off I ordered five sets plus the stretch goals. I looked at the various layouts and my experience with the stuff that my friend Dwayne made me to figure this is where I should go in at.

I get a tote bag although I think it will be to small for all that I ordered.

Most of my pledge went into getting the add-ons, unique pieces that I find valuable to use and wished I had with my existing stuff.

1 Diagonal Wall Pack. Hopefully they will sell this later if I find I need more.

1 Curved Wall Pack: Same as above. While I had a little more money for this kickstarter there was a limit so I only got one each of Curved and Diagonal hoping that I can pick up more later if needed.

2 Floor Pack: by far the biggest I ran into was making big rooms. This should fix that issue. The downward stairways is cool as well.

2 Dungeon Dressing Pack. I can use this with the dungeon tiles or with dry erase so definitely got two of these.

Chamber of Sorrows. Probably will be the least used of all the stuff. But since I am getting unpainted Dungeon Gray stuff I can decide how to present the pieces for my own campaign.

1 Grand Stair Pack. This will also be useful even if I use just dry erase.

2 Castle Wall Packs - I will be definitely using this as a lot of adventuring takes place in regular buildings in my campaigns.

So I got Dungeon Gray to keep it within budget. So which means I have a lot of painting to so. Fortunately it look like it mass painting techinques are easily used from the DF Video on Youtube. I will let everybody know in the fall how everything turns out with the stuff.

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THOMAS said...

What a great kickstarter! I can't believe all the stuff they offered.