Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some format questions for Blackmarsh

I was doing some review of my print options and some issues came up that I need input on.

In the Delving Deeper Boxed set, Blackmarsh is digest size (5.5" by 8.5") with a full size letter size map. There are no issues there.

But for the standalone print book I realize that I need some feedback because of the map.

For the digest size book I am going to have to section the map and add a couple of pages after the entries and also have one page with the whole map at a reduced size. I need to add some pages anyway because of the print requirement of having one blank page at the end and it will be perfect bound.

Looking over my options I can also have a letter size version which will allow me to have the full map. It will be saddle stitched. Plus it will be using the color process and will allow the full greyscale of my maps to come through rather than the halftoning that afflicted Majestic Wilderlands.

I am wondering if I should even be bothering with the digest size version for print. I can provide both so that is not an issue.


Anonymous said...

I think the benefits of the Letter-size version allow you to show the maps at their best, not sectioned or reduced. Present your work as you would like it, show it at it's best.

I would release it as letter and only later release as digest if there's an immense amount of people wanting the smaller version.
But I bet many of them would've bought DD anyway. I dunno, maybe a poll is in order ?

Patrick Tingler said...

I'm kind of torn between sizes as I like the idea of it being staple bound, but also want to order from rpgnow as a PDF + Print bundle which I believe you said isn't possible. Will there be a downloadable high resolution version of the map? I guess my preference would be for whatever size allows the PDF + Print bundle at rpgnow with a high resolution download available for printing out at home.

Tim Shorts said...

Letter size. But I have never been a fan of digest size. I like the maps large enough to see and considering how detailed your maps are it would definately be a benefit for easy reference.

Anonymous said...

I can see the benefits of having both sizes... if I was going to choose one size first, I would say Letter, because of the map quality issue... but to be honest, I would also like to have both the Letter and Digest size.

I guess that wasn't much help, except for that if it was either/or, Letter first... digest next.

David "Big Mac" Shepheard said...

I've mostly got 3e WotC and 2e TSR gamebooks and prefer to have RPG products that fit on the same shelves with them.