Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some Harn Pottage for your campaign

The main staple dish eaten at least once a day by everyone, rich or poor. Varying between a thin broth and a very thick stew, its base would be an herb, vegetable or meat stock, to which cereals, peas, beans, vegetables, meat or fish would be added depending on the wealth of the person and the season of the year.
Among the gems over on Lythia.com there are several that standout: Harn Pottage I, Harn Pottage II, and Harn Pottage III.

These three are filled with useful bits not only for running a Harn campaign but any fantasy campaign. Much of the content comprised of various locales but detailed vaguely where they are located in Harn. The idea is that the referee can place them where needed rather than fleshing out a region like in the main Harn supplements.

For example Harn Pottage I contains
The freehold of a farmer
A Town House for Sale
Small Cave
A Magic Item: Janob's Divining Heart
Magic Weapon: Dawn's Grace
An Inn
A House of Courtesans
A Gargun Cave (Harnic Orcs)
Metalsmith shop
Abandoned Temple
Wilderness Settlement
Yeoman Steading
Tavern of Ill repute.
A Cottar home (a very poor serf)
Hunting Lodge
Magic Item: Cloak of Varadel
Magic Armor: Wyrm Guard
Magic Armor: Falen's Grasp

The other two are likewise filled with varied and interesting material ranging from a fully fleshed out Keep, a generic village, an unsanctioned holy order, and son on. I highly recommend this as a resource and a source of inspiration no matter what FRPG you play.

For certain interested individuals here is a like to a Medieval pottage recipe.


Jeff Rients said...

That sounds very useful, but I'm slightly disappointed that I didn't find any recipes here. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you boil water and toss in washed vegetables and stuff, whatever you have lying around. And of course, "to every thing add crumb of bread". I wish I knew where that quote comes from. Old recipe I guess.